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The sweet wine cup

Founded in 1718, the Viennese porcelain manufactory Augarten is the second oldest in Europe. Today, each piece is hand-made and painted in the heart. Viennese porcelain is known for its delicate and graceful shape, the purity of the lines and the exquisite workmanship. Highest quality and perfection in the production every piece in the porcelain manufactory a first place. It was a story about the history of the war, but it was a war that was not yet sure but would see the final form. So it sprang several months, in which they were aware of Gerhard Kracher and Alexandre Boutry of Augarten porcelain, how the dish should look like. For Gerhard, of course, those from the shell stand in an old place.


It is the first sweet wine cup in the world. You can learn about our webshop.