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Botrytis Cinerea (German noble rot)

The Botrytis Cinerea is the basis for our sweet wines. The noble rot develops on ripe grapes in warm autumn weather. The necessary moisture to grow the noble rot usually provide morning mist, while the days still need to be warm enough to promote the drying of the berries. Only a few winegrowing areas are characterized by such a climate, including the Neusiedlersee.

The fungus destroys the grapes with its enzymes because the cell walls of the berry skin are broken down. Therefore, in dry weather, the berries lose moisture and evaporate. The concentration of the ingredients in the juice of the berry increases.

Novelle Vague

Novelle Vague describes one of the two ways of maturing our Trockenbeerenauslese. The wine is being developed in the new barriques. The term is based on the French film "Novelle Vague" from the 50s and means translated "New Wave". As Alois Kracher jr. In order to develop his sweet wines and especially Trockenbeerenauslese in the barrique, this was something quite unusual, so to speak, a new wave in the vinification.

Zwischen den Seen

The term "Zwischen den Seen" refers to the vinification of our sweet wines in steel tanks or large wooden barrels. The name of this development is to serve as a tribute to the small paints and the Neusiedlersee and to remember the origin of the wine.

Noble Reserve

The Noble Reserve is one of our Trockenbeerenauslese and is a Non Vintage wine. This means that it is a blend of several vintages.

The wines used for this Noble Reserve are aged only in barriques and large oak barrels.


The term Seewinkel refers to the entire Austrian land east of Lake Neusiedl, the largest steppe lake in Europe. The strip of land is about 20 km wide and mainly characterized by sprawling vineyards. In this area, where also Illmitz lies, prevails the Pannonian climate and is partially protected by the WWF.


Numbering of the Trockenbeerenauslese

Every year, the Kracher winery produces on average between 1 and 15 different Trockenbeerenauslese. Since 1995, there is a, introduced by Alois Kracher, revolutionary system: All Trockenbeerenauslese one year are numbered. The denser a wine, the higher its number on the label.


Collection Box

Every year we offer our customers the latest collection box. This is always the entire Trockenbeerenauslese from this year.

The box itself is a high quality manufactured and processed wooden box, which is designed and manufactured especially for us by a carpenter. There are only a limited number of 320 pieces per year from this collection box.

The Weinlaubenhof

The Weinlaubenhof Kracher is located in Seewinkel, in the easternmost province of Austria, Burgenland. There is the winery itself, including production, the office and the wine shop with the farmyard sale.

The name of the Weinlaubenhof of the vine arbor in the garden of the winery. In summer we invite our guests to taste our excellent wines under the arbor.