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Kracher & Friends


Two experts had found each other: Hans Staud, who is represented with his products from the traditional Viennese fruit and vegetable manufactory in the finest and noblest delicatessen in the world, and Alois Kracher have jointly developed a gourmet product. Jellies based on Kracher's sweet wines, the dream partner for spicy foods such as venison, pies or cheese and also give as a solo player culinary top marks.


For the second time, Alois Gölle's pomace has been distilled from carefully selected predicate wine grapes from the vineyards of the Illmitzer sweet wine restaurant. The Botrytis priests demand a particularly clean and gentle processing, the distillate impresses with lush aromas and exceptional density.

Hink Pasteten

In 2007, the Spak family takes over the traditional company "Hink", renovates it and, together with a young team, heralds the renaissance of pies. Best quality, ongoing innovations and product refinements as well as the passion to create pleasure again and again are now on the daily schedule of pate makers.For the legendary Kracher vintage presentation 2016, the cooperation with Kracher, the chicken liver parfait, will be presented for the first time.


Noble & good is a joint creation of the confectioner Hansjörg Haag and Alois Kracher. It is a chocolate that not only tastes great, but also tells an exciting story about its origin, which starts in lush Alpine pastures in the high mountains of Tyrol and finds its happy ending with noble sweet wines from Seewinkel in Burgenland.

Schärdinger Affineur

The Schärdinger Affineur Kracher was created in Gröbming / Styria from the combination of an exceptional Styrian blue cheese with a specially selected Beerenauslese from the cellar of the Kracher house.

The special feature of this cheese is the interaction of spice and fruitiness. The sweetness of the wine and the distinctive saltiness of the cheese meet and buffer each other, so that the palate finally experiences harmonious and nuanced enjoyment.

Liliac - Wine from Transylvania

Transylvania has always been fertile ground for living myths. Despite all the legends, here are primarily noble drops. From grapes that absorb the unique terroir of this region, delivering the raw material that makes Liliac internationally notable wines.

Since 2015, there is a cooperation with the Weinlaubenhof Kracher, where the ICE WINE is created.

Augarten Porzellan

Founded in 1718, the Viennese porcelain manufactory Augarten is the second oldest in Europe. Today, as every time, every piece in the heart of Vienna is hand-crafted and painted.Viennese porcelain is famous for its delicate and graceful shape, the purity of the lines and the exquisite workmanship. Highest quality and perfection in the production of each individual piece are the top priority in the porcelain manufactory.In the course of the vintage presentation 2017, the cooperation will be presented: a sweet wine bowl.